Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Self Portrait

Blogtober 13th

As mandated by Tinniegirl, blogtober the 13th is Self Portrait day.


Only half there today ;)

My Tinkerbell

My mum always called me Tinkerbell as a child, and now I have my own.

We bought the Tinkerbell DVD set for Christmas but daddy misunderstood and gave it to her straight away… anyway, mitigating TV viewing with related craft (to ease my conscience) here we have a most beautiful pair of fairy wings.


Monday, October 11, 2010


I’ve been playing around with taking macro pictures with a reversed 50mm lens. Great fun, and I REALLY want a macro lens now :) OK, so the pictures aren’t great but as a proof of concept I was pretty happy with them.

_DSC7935 _DSC7949 _DSC7917

Sunday, October 10, 2010

No more naked

Blogtober 10th


New clothes for baby, reversible elastic waisted skirt (spotty dotty on the other side), and a rather dodgy t-shirt with matching applique.

B trying to get them off already…


I’ll have to have another go at the t-shirt, the neckline is baggy, and it’s a couple of sizes too small, but it only took about 5 minutes as Miss B was losing interest by then (didn’t hem the neckline/sleeves or bottom).She helped cut the fabrics and sat on my knee while I sewed and was very happy with the result.

I’ve been meaning to make baby some clothes for ages, there will be more I promise – maybe in time for Christmas?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Getting my supplies together…

Blogtober 9th

Supplies for making some felted soaps like these.


from so unbelievably soft. (well probably not if you know about that sort of thing but it seems that way to me).

Hopefully there will be a finished product to show off soon.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Row Row Row your boat…

Blogtober 6 (late)_DSC7025

The end of the internet?

Blogtober 8th


Oh wow, I really must get off the computer and get on with real life.

* I’ve been introduced to google readers ‘next’ function (by kirsty who got it from bec who got it from… well you know how it goes… if you use google reader and you haven’t tried it yet go here for a good run down on how it works.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Remoulded Crayons

Blogtober 5th

Break up old crayons in cupcake wrappers, pop in the oven, and hey presto, new crayons, even the littlest person in the house can make her mark with these pretty cupcakes._DSC7699

Build them up…

and knock them down


Monday, October 04, 2010

Another Imke (or two)

Blogtober 4th

An Imke (from Sewing Clothes Kids Love) is apparently the perfect top for jumping on your sister’s bed in. Two hoodless versions, red with long green sleeves and stripy cap oversleeves, and a t-shirt version in stripy pink knit underneath.


Sunday, October 03, 2010

“Oh Beehave” Block for Gina, Sneak Peak

Blogtober 3rd

I’ll put it in the post next week Gina! Hope it’s OK. This was such a fun block to do, I miscut slightly so there’s a couple of extra seams in one of the borders, but I think it adds to the slight wonkiness quite well. Hope it fits the brief correctly.


Saturday, October 02, 2010


Just the pictures of some Nappies I am selling through EB trading boards.

1. Woolly Butts Frilly Capris and matching Butterfly t-shirt (Bonds size 00), waist unstretched 43cm approx, length 34cm, rise 46cm. EUC, only worn a couple of times as wool and me just didn’t get on, washed but needs lanolising.


2) Possum Pouches/Possum Knits Colours of Australia Soaker Waist unstretched 48cm, Length 27cm, Rise 53cm_DSC7801

3) CGR Medium with matching singlet, Good used condition, lightly used for around 6 months as part of a large rotation._DSC7802 _DSC7803 _DSC7805 _DSC7807

4) EUC Woolly Butts Z is for Zebra Shorties and T-shirt (Bonds size 0) set. Waist 40cm, Length 34cm, Rise 50cm. Never actually used as a nappy cover, just occasionally for daywear.


5) EUC Jaybee mermaid print with two set of boosters. I don’t think these are made any more, but they have a snap in inner and a booster that sits inside the inner, the theory is that you use the outer twice (like you would a cover) as it comes with with two different inner/booster sets. It’s a really beautifully made nappy and a cute print._DSC7812 _DSC7815 _DSC7817

6) EUC CK Auriel size 2, Fleece is a little pilled, but would improve with a bit of a brush._DSC7820 _DSC7821

7) EUC Wild Child Cloth Addict, MCN Anonymous Special Co-op nappy, only used 3 or 4 times, just never fit well :(. Size M/L_DSC7824 _DSC7828 _DSC7830

“Oh Beehave”

Oh Beehave is the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild’s first Quilting Bee. My month has kicked off the Bee and I asked for these square blocks with a 6inch central square made up of geometric shapes such as triangles, squares and rectangles, and two borders. I provided 6 5 inch charm squares, a strip of brown fabric, and a scrappy border strip and asked everyone to choose the width of their two borders themselves.


The first three blocks I pieced to give examples of what I was hoping to receive.

_DSC7257 _DSC7259 _DSC7262

And I have received 3 more back so far, and there’s still 2 weeks until the deadline :)

From Gina


From Jotsmum

From Frogdancer


Apart from the brown solid and the kei honeycomb dots all the fabrics came from my scrap pile.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 1

Today is the first day of Blogtober, a months long blogging festival hosted by Tinniegirl.

I’m not committing to blogging everyday, but I’ll do my best.

This is the most delicious bread I have ever eaten. Mmmmm.


The girl and I were making dough shortly before 7 this morning, after our early morning walk! And what a beautiful 5.30am it was this morning, fresh but not cold, sun rising and sparkling on the calm waters of the bay and a little person to chat with on the way, “where is the moon mummy, what’s that noise mummy, I see the boat mummy, is it moving mummy, it’s moving, it’s moving (no it’s not) where is the moon, there it is (excited voice), moon’s gone (behind a building), what’s that in the sky (hot air balloon), I see a dog…, I like birds, what’s that noise (parrots), I don’t like parrots, where are the parrots, me see, me see, where is the moon, moon is awake, grandma sleeping (I told her when the moon disappears it is at grandma’s house in the UK)” and so on and so forth, we shared a very pleasurable 40 minutes.

Anyway back to the bread, recipe from here, inspiration from here. I understand why people buy bread, although there isn’t much time involved, you really do have to set aside the whole morning to allow for rising and cooking, but having eaten this (I’ve only made Pizza dough and focaccia before) I can also understand why people do make their own bread.