Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Cupcakes

These are so pretty, and so easy to make, I use this recipe from Kootoyoo, which hasn’t failed me yet, I don’t like coconut so I substitute with half a cup of ground almonds instead, I also add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice to the milk to increase the lemonyness*. Itti bitti cupcakes like this take 13-15 minutes in my oven (my oven is hot, I set it on 150 non fan) and bigger normal sized cupcakes take around 20 minutes. They are so delicious and cupcakey* without even having to beat the butter to a pulp before getting started, which is perfect because I don’t have an electric miximajig*.


To add a little festive Christmasyness* I divided the mixture in three and added red and green food colouring, then made up a butter icing to turn them into butterfly cakes, and they are about to hit the table for Christmas Eve afternoon tea, with ‘spiders’ (two crackers, sandwiched with peanut butter or cheese spread with pretzel sticks for legs and sultanas for eyes) and salmon and cucumber sandwiches (which probably won’t get eaten).


*This blog post is dedicated to all the magical made up words out there.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas to Me

A Christmas Dress for ME, yes that’s ME! Based on the pattern from this blog, sewn with Sooz at her fantastic Tessuti class.

_DSC9391  _DSC9385 _DSC9387 _DSC9388

Monday, December 13, 2010

EB Secret Santa Received

Here is what I received from Rose in the EB Newbie Quilters Secret Santa :)

Some sewing goodies (of course, it was a sewing swap)– FQ of Christmas Fabric, a big reel of neutral thread an unpicker (what are you trying to say Rose ;)) and a great big pack of quilting safety pins (exactly what I needed :))._DSC9238A super cute mug filled with…_DSC9236 some very popular choccies, sneaky little fingers, don’t think they’ll last long._DSC9234

Thank you to all the ladies who took part in this Secret Santa, and of course, especially to Rose.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Secret Santa Sneak Peek…

I am involved in the EB Newbie Quilters Secret Santa…


Here’s a sneak peek of what will be going into the post this afternoon. I hope my partner likes it.

I can’t believe Christmas is coming up so fast, with some major changes going on in our house and family arriving Christmas eve the list of things to do is getting longer and longer! I’m glad I can cross this one off.