Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The New Do








I am having a go at SWAP (Sewing with a Plan) this season, hoping to end up with a more co-ordinated wardrobe for my little people. The idea is to sew a number of items which can all be used as a collection, making choosing what to wear each morning an easy task.

I am aiming to do 5 items per child to co-ordinate with things that are already in their wardrobes.

Starting with Beth.

I picked a few items from her current wardrobe which I would like to use this winter.

MIP Cupcake Dress from the Make It Perfect Book and the gorgeous jumper Becky knitted in aid of the Queensland Flood appeal that I was lucky enough to be the winning bidder for, plus a pair of gap jeans for good measure.

_DSC2113 _DSC2151

Leggings and long sleeve T-shirt with cute denim dress that my mum sent (thanks mum for fitting in with our colour scheme so well :))._DSC2155

Dortje trousers and Imke shirts that I made last year from Sewing Clothes Kids Love book _DSC2156 _DSC2157

And I’m am hoping to make the following

1) Oliver and S Jump-Rope Dress, pretty floral lawn from Spotlight_DSC2208

2. Oliver and S Nature Walk Knit Pants in red velour (from an old pair of trousers)


3. Imke Shirt from Sewing Clothes Kids Love, Long sleeved version  _DSC2211

4. Champion Cargos from Make It Perfect book – in sunshine yellow cord


5. Make It Perfect Sprout Dress in Anna Maria Horner Flannel with plain lining.


I will try and get the pictures together for Hannah’s set tomorrow.

A carrier for my baby’s baby

baby baby carrier

Beth helped me to make a carrier for her baby, she helped with the cutting (don’t worry I made sure to keep her fingers out of the way of the rotary cutter), she helped sewing the straps, turning them, topstitching them, pinning all the layers together and sewing the whole thing together. Her job on the machine was to press the back button when we got to the end of a seam, and to feed the fabric in (with help). She was really pleased with the end result! And so was I. The doll, only known as ‘baby’ also seems pleased with the arrangement.