Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Selfish Sewing - Cherish for me

It's been a while since I've made something for myself, and even longer since I've made something I will actually wear!

The newly released Cherish pattern from Crafty Mamas is a great quick sew. I managed these in about 2 hours on Friday night from printing and cutting the .pdf pattern, to sewing the hem. Crafty Mamas also offer a printed pattern piece if you are not in need of instant gratification or don't want to tape all those pages together.

I dug out my overlocker which has been packed away in it's box for being naughty for probably a year now (must not be afraid of the overlocker) but as soon as I started doing a test piece I snapped a needle (which reminded me why it ended up in it's box), only to discover that the spare overlocker needles I bought don't fit my machine. So I decided to sew it up on the sewing machine anyway and after checking the manual (now why didn't I do that before) I discovered the fantastic stretch stitch and it all came together very smoothly after that.

The fit isn't perfect. I think I might need to go up a size on the bust, but it's comfy, and I don't think it looks half bad. Well not as bad as most of my other t-shirts do anyway. The fabric came from Spotlight, it's a cotton knit, but I think it probably has a fair amount of viscose in it. Just trying to decide what colour to make next...

p.s. Overlocker has gone back in it's box, and will be found on ebay shortly if it doesn't behave itself...