Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Progress Update

I am making progress slowly with some of my projects, I have cut out the ladybird dress, and the photo albums are coming on nicely, all the backing pages have been cut to size and some of the photo mountings have been prepared. I'm one page of fancy paper short though, I just can't count to twelve it seems. Oops. I guess I'll just have to make another trip to Spotlight on Monday.

I have a new project to add to the list. Looking at other people's blogs is a dangerous thing. Meik from the EB Newbie Sewers Thread posted these gorgeous beanbags - what a simple and effective idea. I was thinking of other shapes as well (pyramids maybe) and a further search along the same theme brought me to these cute baby cubes, so I have decided that as well as the beanbags, I am also going to make an alphabet set of cubes (nothing like making things difficult for myself). I think that these will make great Christmas presents for my little one who will be 7 months by Christmas.

So I have a stash of scraps which is going to get a work out in the next few days and hopefully will be able to get a set of beanbags and cubes cut out. I can also start sewing on the letters by hand while I'm waiting to get my sewing machine back. So far I have printed some big chunky letters out and pinned them onto some fleece (so I don't have to worry about it fraying), so now for cutting out each one, that could take a while, I hope there's something good on TV this afternoon!



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London Mummy said...

Looking forward to seeing your set of cubes :)