Monday, February 16, 2009

Habedashery Swap

I took part in the EB Habedashery Swap and opening day was Saturday.

Here are the pictures of the goodies that I recieved from Becca.

I had put in my preferences that I needed buttons and I was hoping to make some more softies so she sent me lots of appropriate goodies for that.


And have a look at these - geniune vintage women's weekly - how cool are they. I am going to make the kangaroo first.



Becky said...

So glad you liked it, I had fun putting together the bits and pieces for you.

My favourite thing was the Olivia fabric FQ. I have one for me as well :)

Karen said...

I have Olivia fabric in three colours - we're fans in this household!
The buttons look great - love the very formal rabbit toys too!