Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making Progress on the RR

A quick trip to Amitie yesterday morning for a more suitable sashing for the Round Robin quilt top and a couple of hours sewing and here it is!  Much much better.


I had a fantasy moment on Friday that I could finish 3 quilts this weekend (moderated later on to 1 quilt and 2 quilt tops). So on Friday night I sat down at the machine for a couple of hours and made two wetbags and a skirt for B. Erm… no, not the way to go to finish quilts. Anyway, Saturday saw this top finished and the flannel squares laid out on the floor in my sewing room, first row sewn together, only another 25 rows to go. I hope to make more progress on that this afternoon after a trip to Mathilda’s market.


Nic Wood said...

LOVE it - that white really makes each and every block pop! cant wait to see this finished.

Nic xxx

Lily Mulholland said...

Yep, the white really makes the quilt work. Love that you procrastinate from quilting by sewing! LOL That's called 'productive procrastination' :)

Emma said...

Great quilt! That peeper border is perfect; and I know exactly how hard it is to get such narrow borders even - well done!

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Becky said...

Love that white!