Friday, June 22, 2012

New Pram

Ok, this blog post was written a couple of years ago, I've no idea why it never got posted, the pram liners are still in use, although a lot less clean than they look in these pictures ;)...

We picked up a new pram a couple of weeks ago, the Baby Jogger City Select, and a very nice pram it is too.
I ‘whipped up’ some liners for it from some Alexander Henry home decor weight owl fabric I had stashed away to make a linen basket from which never happened. Just perfect. I just laid some woven interfacing in and cut it to shape to work out the pattern, it has a layer of quilt wadding in the middle and is backed with minky. Should help to keep the seats nice and clean for longer.
The blanket in the back seat is one of my very first quilting projects which featured right at the beginning of this blog and has been living in the old pram. Just need to make another one for the second seat now.
This is my favourite little guy.
I think I’m getting the hang of having two little people in my life, they are a delight playing together, and this pram is such fun because I can put them in facing each other and they keep each other amused for ages. I carried Hannah for the first 6 months but always planned to get a double pram as I knew Beth wouldn’t be quite ready to walk all the time, and now miss Hannah is getting heavier (much sooner than her sister did) so it’s nice being able to get around with both of them easily.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted this pram when E was born, but since our P&T Vibe was only 2 years old, the logical finance dude said no :( Cute liners! I think I might make some for the p&t, give it a revamp, not that we use it all that much any more.