Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Birthday Butterfly Cakes

I made these for Beth's 4th birthday a couple of months ago. They were seriously easy, and seriously effective, and delicious. I found them on Pinterest, but the link didn't work so I had to copy the picture, but I was very pleased with the result.

Just a straight cupcake mix, a butter icing and slices of strawberry cut in half to make butterfly wings.

This is the first photoshop edited picture I've posted on here, just playing around at the moment to see how it looks, hoping to get some better pictures coming in the next few months, if I ever have time to blog.

Here's the original

Might have slightly overdone the red...

And this was the real cake

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Anonymous said...

The edit looks good, but yes, I agree on the reds. Just chuck a saturation adjustment layer on it and desat the reds slightly, the rest looks great!