Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picnic Time

OK we need to find an excuse to go for a picnic, I've finally finished the picnic blanket.

Made from a combination of old and new fabrics and layered with a piece of heavyweight fleece which I hope will keep out the damp should we picnic on damp grass. Quilted simply in the ditch and on the diagonal across each block.

I pillowcase turned the blanket rather than binding, that's not something I will be doing again as it was impossible to quilt without it bunching up and creasing but hey, it's onlt going to be laid on damp ground and have food rubbed into it so I'm going to relax about that. Anyway with the combination of fabrics it's bound to wash up wonky anyway.

Here it is. I'll try and get back with some pictures of it in use soon.

DSC_0760 (640x425)

and all tied up for storing and travel

DSC_0779 (640x425)

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