Friday, August 20, 2010

Play Space Revised

Beth’s (and not Hannah’s) toys have been overflowing their boxes for a while now. She has so many and to be truthful, many have been stuck at the bottom of the box for quite some time now, so I had a tidy up…
Inspired by a blog post that I now can’t find, sorry, we (well mainly me, but she did help a bit) sorted her books. Don’t they look pretty, but really, I think we need more purple books.
Chose just a small number of toys (soft toys in the basket, always her favourite things, balls, dolls, beanbags and an assortment of shakers) and EVERYTHING ELSE except the street scene on the table and the dolls house (coming later) has gone downstairs. I’ve also moved the table and chairs away from in front of the TV, where we keep using it as a coffee table and dinner table, back into her play area. (Art supplies are of course still around, I couldn’t send them away…just looking for a new way to store them at the moment).
So I’m looking forward to seeing how this affects how we play over the next week or so and then we will switch for some other toys instead.


Nic Wood said...

Looks fantastic. I get really anal when I tidy the kids bookshelves about them all being in height order, but having them in colour groupings like that looks awesome, I LOVE it !

Nic xxx

Kayscha's Quilting Corner said...

Like Nic, I am anal about height order but the colour groups looks fab!

AJ said...

Love the books in cute!