Saturday, April 09, 2011

Paint the whole world with a Rainbow


Up above the trees and houses, rainbow climbing high…

So yesterday was declared rainbow day (by me obviously).

First we watched the glee version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow about 10 times.

We watched episodes of Rainbow with Zippy and Bungle and George and Geoffrey on youtube.


We tied our playcloths together into a big rainbow circle and spread them out in the park to run around.


We made rainbow fruit pops for morning tea.

_DSC2328 _DSC2325_DSC2338

We made a playdough rainbow.


And a smartie rainbow.


We decorated the inside of the playhouse with a rainbow roof and made some quick rainbow cushions with a piece of shiny rainbow fabric that I bought and didn’t know what to do with.


And we read Rainbow Fish.

The Rainbow Fish

We were going to make rainbow cookies but we were all rainbowed out. Maybe we’ll have to have rainbow day again next week.


Car said...

Loos like a bright and colourful day!

Who ate the smartie rainbow ???

MY SPACE said...

What a wonderful day!!! xxx