Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainbow Cookies

From here

_DSC2391 _DSC2398 _DSC2401 _DSC2408 

To be quite honest, the cookies weren’t that good, some even got thrown away which is unheard of in this house, but the process was fabulous fun. We’ll make them again with a favourite cookie recipe next time, any basic cookie/biscuit dough would work. Sadly we also ran out of red so purple turned out more grey than purple.


MY SPACE said...

They might not have been the best tasting but they look fab!

Karen said...

Despite the fact they taste average they look Ace!

Bec said...

I hope its ok that i contact you here.... You WON a prize in my giveaway!!!..6th..$25 gift voucher from quilt home.. can you email me and ill send your details on??? Thanks and congrats!! xx

Nic Wood said...

they look really cool though! might have to give them a go over the holidays
NIc xxx

Posie Patchwork said...

Well they look fabulous!! Love Posie