Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beth's Big Girl Room

Beth's room is nearly finished, just one more picture to find (for the frame on the bottom right) but I know which one I am after.

So here's some pictures

DQS In Beth's Room

The Name Letters - Wooden Letters from Spotlight, Heather Bailey Scrapbooking Paper glued on with quilt basting spray.

Beth's Room Name

The Cupboard - Ikea Expedit, the top has been covered with patchwork squares of the same paper as the Name Letters and glued down with multiple coats of ModPodge (Tip, don't butt your squares up too close as they expand when wet...)
The Tree is a gorgeous wall decal that we put up a couple of months ago.

Beth's Room Cupboard
Beth's Room Cupboard Top

The Pictures

1. Butterfly mirrors in three sizes from Spotlight, Paper Heather Bailey Scrapbooking Paper

Beth's Room Pics4

2. A Pretty Card

Beth's Room Pics5

3. Wooden Butterfly Cutouts (Spotlight) covered in same paper as above

Beth's Room Pics2

4.Belle and Boo birthday card that my parents sent me

Beth's Room Pics3

5. Little Red Birds to match the Owl Headboard.

Beth's Room Pics1

I'm pleased with how it's turned out and hope she will enjoy it.


Car said...

That is beautiful esther - well done!

beebeejaybee said...

Looks great Esther, wish I had the time to do something like that

Becky said...

What an amazing room for your little girl, just perfect! I would gladly have been sent to my room as a child if it was like that ;)