Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Big List

Well, really this isn't the big list, it's the 'things to finish before Christmas/baby's arrival' list. The big list would have lots more long term projects and dream projects on it.

1. 3 Quilts to be quilted and bound (Purple Quilt, Aunt Bec's 9-Patch, Hungry Caterpillar)
For Quilting

2. Beth's cuddly quilt to be pieced (cut out and waiting for me to start sewing)

3. Table Runners x3 for Christmas Presents (Done)

4. 2x Rainbow lap quilts (pics of the fabrics to follow).

5. Applique some t-shirts for B (Done)

6. Dress from pre-shirred fabric for B (if I leave it until next Summer the fabric won't be big enough)
(update 15.11.09 - Done)

7. MIP Hats for B and for Me (the last one I made was too small :()

8. Picnic Blanket from vintage FQ's
Picnic Blanket to be (Done)

9. Ring Sling
Photobucket (Done)

10. PIF's

11. Curtains for the Lounge (need extending)

Possible for Lounge Curtains (Done)

12. Put together EB Newbie Quilters Round Robin Block Swap Quilt

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