Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Aunt Bec’s 9 Patch

Pattern from Amitie, fabrics from my trip to Material Obsession in Sydney last year with Kayscha

Finally Finished and ready to go in Beth’s big girl room.

She seems to like it

DSC_2114 (640x425) DSC_2126 (640x425)

The colours are just perfectDSC_2128 (640x425)

DSC_2130 (640x425)

Some quilting detail

DSC_2134 (640x425) 

The Back, there were not many leftovers!

 DSC_2140 (640x425)


Selina said...

That is just beautiful!

Car said...

Lovely work Esther!

How silly am I - I just assumed when you spoke about this quilt, you were gifting it to your aunt bec *slaps herself on the forehead* honestly - I need to pay more attention LOL