Saturday, April 17, 2010

Slow progress on the caterpillar quilt

So I started working on Beth’s hungry caterpillar quilt a long time ago. I’ve worked on it in fits and starts doing some freestyle quilting on the butterfly and the caterpillar first which I loved



Then I attended Kellie’s class and started practicing swirls to fill in – see just below the caterpillar.

Then (a few months later) I started quilting around the dots in the panel borders like this – which I was really pleased with


And then a month or so later… I did this… aaaaarrrgh, spot the mistake time.


And I’ve finally got around to starting the unpicking, fingers crossed for more progress soon.

So I like the quilting, but I hate unpicking, oh well, such is life.


Emma said...

Oh, no! I think I'd've left it! Have you tried the 'skinning' technique to remove it?

Red Haired Girl said...

Emma, I would love to, but I have already quilted the next border, I have saved the tutorial for next time though.

Car said...

Oh bum :( Can you not do another patch on the quilt the same and say it was supposed to be?

what is the skinning technique?

Kirsty said...

I did exactly the same thing once and I must confess that I still have not got around to finishing the quilt off.