Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Wedding Quilt

I went to Spotlight (again) on Sunday and chose some fabrics for the quilt I am going to attempt for my friends wedding in September.


I was looking for a masculine print and a feminine one, I hadn't realised how hard it is to put the fabrics together and get the effect you are looking for. These are nothing like I had imagined I would choose but I think that they will suit the couple in question.

The quilt is called the 'give and take' quilt (I posted the pattern in a previous post), and is based on a 'borrow and return' pattern (i.e. opposite fabrics). The hearts are appliqued on once the squares are sewn together. I have decided to make the blocks smaller and have cut enough squares of each fabric to make the quilt 6 blocks by 8 blocks. I think they will be about 6inches each once finished but we will see.

I have been cutting more cubes and beanbags now as well, up to 12 cubes and 8 beanbags... it's much easier now that I've bought myself a rotary cutter and board. Still waiting for the sewing machine to be fixed, I'm going to have lots to sew once it comes home again.


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