Monday, September 15, 2008

Pram Liner

Pram with Liner
I have been hankering after Milly's Tin Whistle Pram Liners for a while, but no pennies at the moment, I've been spending too much, so I thought I'd have a see what I could do myself. I traced around the seat, before putting it on the pram (we've had the bassinet on so far) and sewed together the fabric, a cheap towel and a layer of polyester wadding. I was pretty pleased with the result. No where near as professional as Milly's but not too bad for a couple of hours work. I think I will be making a couple more so I can have one in the wash and one on the pram at least.

Thanks Milly for the inspiration.


Car said...

That is great :)

When I did mine, I just did a straight liner with no overlaps and it drops something shopping every time I put her in :( I really must get around to making another!!!

Anonymous said...

I like it... I could never be that talented!

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