Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scrapping scraps

I used these foam letters to make my daughter's name (twice) but I have no further use for them. I think you can see what letters are remaining, if not please ask me. The small letters (e.g e, a, x etc.) are 2.5cm and the taller ones and the numbers are 3.5cm high.
If you would like them let me know. First in best dressed.



Car said...

Oooh - if there are no other takers?

What would you like in return???

Red Haired Girl said...

All yours Car, PM me your address and I'll post them over.

For me, that's very kind of you, and not necessary, the goal is to have less stuff in my house not more ;) but I do have an idea... when I find out my partner's colour choice for the 4SDQS then maybe I could let you know and you could have a look if you have any scraps in the right colours?